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Answering your most important questions concerning Car Accident Lawyers:

Answering your most important questions concerning Car Accident Lawyers:

Here are a few answers to the most relevant questions you might have concerning car accident lawyers. More answers are to be provided in more of our articles.


Why would I have to hire a car accident lawyer?

  It should be clear that you would need compensation for your severe injuries right after you suffer from a car accident. You must not waste any second to seek medical attention and writing a claim for your injuries. Hiring a competent car accident lawyer is the right decision for you to take immediately with no hesitation, since they would have your back and guide you all the way through the process for you to get the compensation you need without getting tricked by anyone, including the insurance companies which pretend to be an ally of yours.  


Would you regret hiring a car accident lawyer?

  The short answer to this one would be a nope! You absolutely would never regret hiring a car accident lawyer if you manage to choose the most competent one.

  When you suffer from harmful accident damages to your body, such as getting your bones fractured, deformed body parts or a malfunction of the body systems, you must have the right to compensation for what you are suffering. The car accident attorney works on guaranteeing that compensation for you and preventing the insurance companies from taking advantage of you. What else could one ask for in such situations?



Do all lawyers handle car accidents?

  If you want your case to be handled properly, you might want to look for a personal injury car accident lawyer. The latter is specifically specialised in dealing with such injuries. They would be able to get you the most of obtainable compensation when it comes to body injuries since they are more experienced with the problems that might prevent that compensation and get in the way for you to get it. This type of car accident lawyers is more experienced with all the medical conditions that might be related to your case and can easily and efficiently guide you all the way through obtaining the compensation that you deserve. These lawyers also know exactly what treatment you would need for you to go back to being as healthy as you were before the accident.



How much would my settlement be?

  There are a few standards to consider when settling a car accident. It all depends on the testimony of the witness, the impact the accident has had on your life, how old the injured party is, the expenses of the past and future medical treatment, and so on...

  The insurance companies make sure to follow such an algorithm for them to decide how much the sum of money should be for your compensation. After they have considered all standards, they finally calculate how much it all is worth and offer your car accident lawyer the sum via a lawyer or an adjuster.


Am I obliged to get a car accident lawyer even if the accident was not my fault?

   Do you have to? Of course yes! Whether you are the cause of the accident or not is not really the topic here. In the end, if you get severely injured, you definitely need someone to have your back and help you recover. You being the cause is not what decides whether or not you should get a lawyer. Your injury being too severe for you to handle is what does. Plus, when the accident isn't your fault, you will need compensation from the at-fault party. How would you be able to get it? On your own? That might be a bit too complicated for you. Therefore: you must immediately seek a car accident lawyer and avoid handling it all on your own.



How much does all of this process cost?

  "Contingency fee basis" is used by car accident lawyers. This basically means that you will not be charged until you are perfectly satisfied with the compensation which includes medical treatment and the sum of money which is to be handed to you by the end of the process as a settlement.

  The State Bar Association is what decides the guidelines for that contingency fee basis. Those agreements must be discussed in deep details with your own lawyer before committing to the opposition's representation.


How long does this process take?

  Every single case of car accidents is unique; therefore, each one requires a certain amount of time depending on the severity of the situation, the adjuster and the carrier of the insurance, the witness, the fault being admitted or not, as well as a few more things to consider.

The case might take you from a few months to two years depending on the mentioned factors.


What am I supposed to do when the accident is a minor one?

  See a doctor as soon as possible and make sure to document every detail related to the accident before you end up forgetting any. You not feeling pain doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The adrenaline rising might cause you to feel none of it and just assume you have no injuries, but that must not stop you from seeking medical attention.  The doctor can decide whether or not there are any severe injuries.


Is it possible for me to maximize my settlement?

  Absolutely! You should seek more witnesses, provide as many details as possible, and never lose any document even if they seem unimportant. Also, make sure to never miss an appointment of your treatment plan so that there would be no discrediting for your claim in the future.