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Hiring a car accident attorney is indeed important for your compensation after a car accident, yet, of course, it isn’t what you would directly do right as you get involved in an accident. Here are the few steps which you must take before hiring a car accident attorney :

STEP : How bad is the injury ?

Act depending on the severity of your injury. If it’s serious, do your best not to move and simply wait for help.If you find it possible for you to call 911, do it immediately.

STEP 2: are there other passengers ?

After checking on yourself and only if you can move properly, make sure to see how bad the other passengers’ injuries are, if there are any.

STEP 3: Safety is next.

If you are capable of moving, do so by going off the road, in your car vehicule if it can be driven or on your own if that is not possible.


If you’ve checked and found that no one is injured, make sure to exchange the most important information with the other party which  usually include:
·         Full name.
·         contact information.
·         Insurance company and policy number
·         Driver's license and license plate number.
·         Type, color and model of the car.
·         Location of the accident.
Avoid discussing whose fault it was with the other driver. The adjuster of your insurance claim will decide that matter according to an investigation concerning the damaged vehicule, the information you and the other party have provided, and all helpful documentation.

STEP 7: All Evidence is counts.

You must take these steps so you can be properly protected :
·         The officers identity.
the names and badge numbers of all the officers who arrive to the scene.

·       A copy of the report.
When filing an insurance claim, your adjuster will ask for a copy of the report of the accident in which you had been involved, so make sure to ask the police for one.
·         Photographs.
You’ll have to share pictures with your insurer concerning the accident, so make sure to take shots of both vehicules involved in the accident from different angles to show all damage, not to forget getting the other driver’s licence plate number in a picture.
·         Names.
All the individuals involved have names and addresses, obtain and write them down. You will need all the information you can get. Even witnesses if there were any.

STEP 8: filing the insurance claim.
This is where you need to contact the best car accident attorney so you can file your claim in perfect details.
Following these steps will surely help you get through the hassle with no worries. Now you just have to trust the car accident attorney you have hired and stay in touch with them throughout the whole compensation process.