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How much does it cost to hire a car accident lawyer in Greenville, SC?

 How much does it cost to hire a car accident lawyer in Greenville, SC?


For though there is no exact, stable amount of money charged by every lawyer, there is a certain structure they tend to follow when it comes to fees. The next few lines will underline the most typical ways a car accident lawyer in Greenville, SC would charge for fees.


It is more than obvious now that hiring a car accident lawyer can do wonders when it comes to seeking compensation for every type of loss from which you would be suffering after a car crash. They guide you and have your back, fighting for you and supporting you in your case against the at-fault party, as well as the insurance companies. However, in return to all of their services, they do deserve a certain amount of money in return...


Filing a consultation schedule helps to know approximately how the car accident lawyer in Greenville is going to charge forfees.


The contingency fee structure is the most famous one between car accident lawyers, and that is for a very good reason; the victim has nearly 0% risks of losing anything more than what they have already lost, and the lawyer gets to get paid properly eventually. That's what a contingency fee structure means; you get your settlement from which your car accident lawyer gets their share of the money at the very end.


Contingency fees are the best deal known between car crash lawyers, since they show you that your lawyer is 100% focused on winning the case and getting perfect compensation for your loss, instead of focusing merely on getting paid. How much they are going to get paid literally depends on how much compensation they manage to obtain for you; a win-win deal, right?


The average percent concerning contingency fees is standardised from 33% to 40% of the final settlement.


Other than the contingency fees structure, there are several other ways and structures other lawyers might follow, for though they are pretty rare:


·        They might need a certain amount of money up front which will be eventually deducted from the percentage they would agree on by the end.


·        They might need a one set fee or offer a payment plan up front.


Other than these structures, there are other fees you should be concerned about next to the claim fees:


·        Filing fees

·        Expert witness or investigator fees

·        Photocopying fees

·        Costs of getting copies of medical records

·        Postage fees


How will you pay your car accident lawyer in Greenville, SC?

After they win the case, your settlement will be done. They will receive the check and let you know immediately. After that, they will take their percentage after listing their own fee and expenses before you can finally take the rest of the provided amount of money.

It is the best way to pay your lawyer, since you will not have to worry about those fees during the process of working on the case.