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Is it always necessary to seek the best auto accident attorney?

Is it always necessary to seek the best auto accident attorney?
Is it always necessary to seek the best auto accident attorney?

After more than 20 years of helping auto accident victims and witnessing the way insurance companies handle these claims,  the shortest answer would be: "more often than not."

Many car accidents end up leaving no more than slight damage to your car. In these instances, you don’t need an auto accident attorney. Hand the claim to the other driver's carrier or your own insurance company and let them process it. 

However, if either you, as the driver, or any passengers in your vehicle are hurt or killed, I would not only suggest the best auto accident attorney you can find but right after the accident occurs. Why? Since taking as much in premiums as possible allows insurance companies to make money, attempting to pay as little as possible while delaying the investigation for as long as possible. You are not in good hands,  they are not your ally,  and they do not think about your own good, but their own.

How does this manifest itself? Here are some examples:

The quick settlement offer. You might be contacted by a claims adjuster and offered something like “we will pay your medical bills and give you another $500 for your troubles.” before you realise the full extent of your injuries. A lot of people agree to go ahead with this deal and end up signing a release. In most states,  CA included,  a release is formed in words which cause it to be nearly impossible to expect anything further after signing.

The evidence gathering that favours them not you. An insurance representative will attempt to pretend to be your ally.  The question they would ask about the accident would do more good for them than for you. When you become "on record",  it may be tough to go back from this harmful evidence.

The delay of game. Insurance companies may be able to talk you out of seeking medical attention, telling you they need to become certain of the extent of your tragedy before they can pay for that. "You should have looked for medical care if you really were injured."  Something around these lines may be used by insurance companies in their favour.

If you ever suffer from an auto accident,  please do contact the best auto accident attorney and seek medical care immediately.

This can mean that you will find a more fair treatment, and the quick recovery from your injuries, getting the amount of money which is allowed on your personal injury claim by the law. Do not be deceived by the lies telling you that the insurance companies are your allies. You need one of the best auto accident attorneys to look after you while the insurance companies only pay attention to their own good.