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4 Scenarios pin-pointed by car accident attorneys Indianapolis: Understanding Who Is At-Fault ?


4 Scenarios pin-pointed by car accident attorneys Indianapolis Understanding Who Is At-Fault

Just like any other area, car accidents in  Indianapolis happen quite often. Just like all lawyers and insurance companies, a car accident attorney in Indianapolis has to know which party involved in the accident is at fault; this is the main factor that has to be investigated to start working on the case.

Insurance companies tend to attempt turning any car accident in their favor no matter how direct it might seem. They are not your ally even if they claim to be. They make sure to find ways for them to spend less money on you, hence they try to find ways to blame you for any possible thing you might've done which leads to the accident.

Though some car accidents can be really easy to decipher, many others require a lot of high skilled investigation to find who is at fault. Car accident attorneys have managed to pinpoint four of the most common scenarios of car accidents. The latter are as follows :


First Scenario: Rear-End Accident

One of the most typical car accidents scenarios which are agreed upon by car accident attorneys in Indianapolis, just like other areas, is the one where a car gets bumped from behind by another car, causing damage to the rear-end of the car at the front and the front of the car at the back. The leading cause of this type of car accidents is the lack of attention of the drivers.

Keeping a safe distance is obligatory for all drivers. So, in this type of car accidents, the trailing driver is usually the one at fault. If the leading driver has to stop their car all of a sudden, the safe distance can ultimately help avoid crashing into the cars behind, since you would have enough time to step on the breaks.

This type of car accident scenarios can occur almost everywhere. The following are some of the main spots  for rear-end car accidents :

§  Stoplights: The accident can happen in two cases: The first one would be the two cars stopping at the same time but the trailing driver starts driving ahead before the leading one. The second case is the trailing driver not stopping at a red light while the leading one does, consequently causing the accident.

§  Parking lots: Cars are stopping and going all the time in parking lots, which is a common reason for this type of car accidents to occur. The reason being cars stopping for other people and the drivers behind not seeing that happening.

§  The middle of the road: Stopping in the middle of the road to make a turn or any other action that involves slowing down almost all of sudden can cause a rear-end car accident since the majority of drivers do not expect those turns in the middle of the road.

§  The freeways: Being in rush hour is one of the most horrible nightmares for any driver. Car accidents occur when one car stops and another moves all of a sudden. The freeway speed can cause it to be even worse.


Second Scenario: Running a Red Light

 T-Bone collisions or the side-impact collisions are the type of car accidents that occur when a driver does not respect a red light, driving off and hitting the side of a car in the road with the front of their car. It is one of the most dangerous, common scenarios on the road.

The driver who ran the red light is usually the one at fault in such scenarios. The reasons for them doing so in the first place can include :

§  The driver is in a hurry, attempting to drive past a yellow light in time before it turns red, ultimately causing them to run a red light, for though the yellow light calls for you to slow down, not to speed up instead.

§  The driver is under the influence of alcohol or other types of intoxicants.

§  Lack of attention while driving, usually caused by mobile phones, which is one of the most dangerous things to do.


Third Scenario: Car Accidents Involving Left Turns with no Turn Signal

When drivers have to make a left turn to avoid upcoming traffic, they must wait for enough room for them to take their turn. Otherwise, miscalculating that step can cause them to collide into other vehicles.

Green lights make left turns take a longer time, which can cause drivers to become highly impatient, taking risks if they are in a hurry and rushing through an intersection, causing a pileup. This can cause more than two cars to get involved in a huge series of car accidents at once!


Fourth Scenario: Parking Lot Car Accidents

As previously mentioned, parking lots car accidents are way too common to happen. Most of them cause minor injuries since they involve low-speed driving. However, even this type of accidents can also lead to serious harm. 

The followings are some of the most common parking lots car accidents agreed on by  car accident attorneys :

§  Backing out of a parking spot, which usually is done by the driver who is at fault. Drivers backing out must check for clear space at all times before proceeding.

§  Moving out of a parking spot and driving out through an empty spot. If another driver does not see you coming through and decides to take that empty spot, a collision might occur.

§  Two drivers trying to enter the same space is also one of the most common scenarios in this area. In this case, it can be a bit complicated to figure out who is actually at fault.