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Investigating and Collecting Evidence for your Car Accident Attorney in Greenville SC

Investigating and Collecting Evidence for your Car Accident Attorney in Greenville SC

Car Accident Attorney in Greenville SC
Car Accident Attorney in Greenville SC

For though it can be pretty easy to see why a car accident has taken place at times, there are specialized investigators who work on finding out what exactly caused the accident, who’s really at fault, and other important evidence which is often going unnoticed and is later used by your car accident attorney in Greenville SC for them to obtain the compensation you deserve for your loss; be it physical or financial.
There are several steps when it comes to the investigation process :

·        Scene Examination:

 Lawfirms usually work with investigators who work on being at the scene in time to be the first ones to examine any pictures taken by anyone witnessing the car accident. So many details can be pulled out by those professionals, such as the damage caused to the vehicles, the angle of the crash, what the road looked like. All of these, and many others, can lead to figuring out exactly what caused the accident.

·        Digital proof:

Posts on social media right before the accident? texts? A phone call? These types of evidence can easily prove the fact that the driver was not paying attention to the road and was on the phone instead; obvious proof of negligence.

·        Camera Surveillance:

Security cameras are spread almost everywhere nowadays, including Greenville SC; it is the modern age after all. Investigating every possible evidence on any video caught by any nearby cameras, including mobile phones’ ones, is also included in the specialists’ job. Any detail can help immensely in your car accident case.

·        Interviewing Witnesses:

Just like videos and photos, real-life people who were able to see what happened help a lot when it comes to car accident investigations. The witnesses can give information from a different perspective. You might be too busy to notice anything leading to the crash if it happens all of a sudden, but a driver nearby can probably see exactly how it all went down, starting from a few minutes before it happened.


·         Convictions or Citations:

  Once the police arrive at the scene, they will check for any violations of law by either of the drivers involved. If any of the parties gets convicted of breaking the law in any way, shape, or manner, that conviction will be considered as strong evidence which helps your case as a victim of a car accident.

·        Expert Analysis:

Investigators can always work with other experts who can analyze the situation and see if there were other factors leading to a car accident. Your claim of liability can then be highly reinforced by these experts’ analysis.
Like every other area, investigations concerning the scene of the car accident provide enough evidence to help your car accident attorney in Greenville SC sot hey can back you up properly throughout the whole compensation-seeking process. Not only that, but it also helps them figure out which parties can be involved in the insurance claim, including companies, government, or other drivers.

For example, if a driver whose negligence has lead to the accident works for a certain company, the company itself may be involved, even if not directly. Your car accident attorney would be delighted to know every single detail concerning the accident.  Knowing that the negligent driver works for a company can raise the chances of an easier, better compensation, since a company has a better chance of covering losses than an individual driver.

Strong evidence also includes:

Ø  Financial coverage for past treatment.
Ø  Testimony of experts in the field of your occupation proving you are unable to get your work done.
Ø  Medical experts who prove your injuries to be highly concerning, including the physical and mental ones.

All evidence must be collected for a guaranteed full compensation.